Asian Countries which are getting most benefits of Online Education

Online education is not only amazing but it is shocking too. Since the advent of online education in the mainstream scene of world’s education, it is making its vibes across the globe. Not just in the developed countries which are more aware of online education and the benefits that this type of education have, developing countries have also become a major market of the people related to online education.

After the success of academic writing services and taking help with dissertation from the online writing services in the Asian countries, online education is getting great popularity. To unveil the countries in which online education is making their impact, I am writing this article in which I am going to mention some of those Asian countries which are getting most benefits of online education.


Not only second most populated country in the Asia but the world too. With the dream of digital India, this country is making efforts on the governmental level to spread the awareness regarding online education even in the slums of India. India is may be one of the poorest countries in the world with even lack of toilets to its people, but they do have computers and internet which make them able to reach out all those sources of education which a student of England also have.

This country’s biggest issue is its population which is threatening even to surpass the population of its neighboring country China. To cope this problem, India’s online education industry has gone over a whopping $1 billion by the end of 2020.


China is not only big in terms of population and land, but it is also a home of some big online colleges and universities which number over 100. This country is tailor-made for an educational method like online education. This was the first country which used TV and radio for the distance learning in 1960 and now one of the leading countries in using online means of education.


Malaysia is the most favorite and accessible spot for education for every Asian student. It is cheap and getting a student visa for this country is not a big deal. Due to the efforts that they made after the revolution in the field of education, this country is also taking revolutionary steps in online education. This Asian country is going ahead at full speed and opening new opportunities for not only its people but also for the international students. Its Asia e University which based in Kuala Lumpur is the country’s biggest e-learning school.

South Korea:

South Korea has been in the news for a while now due to its tension with its neighboring country. That is why most of the people are not aware of its effort in the online education. With the high-speed internet and easy access for almost every citizen of South Korea, this Asian nation is doing better than most of the European countries in the use of online education. Due to the myths regarding online education, this medium of education not popular in the South Korean society, the government is trying hard to keep this industry transparent and on the check so a consensus can be built on the online education.

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