Benefits of Team Sports for Youth

Do you have a young child that has expressed or shown an interest in sports? Athletic development and team sports have huge benefits in shaping character, perseverance and sportsmanship. Much of the success of participating in team sports is driven by the attitude of parents. Understand that driving your child to excel at a given sport is not a path to a scholarship but a path to series of disappointing seasons and mounting frustration for your child. Children naturally want to please their parents and are taught to obey. This can be a destructive combination when participating in team sports. Let your child be the driver in selecting their sport of choice. If they’ve played one season and it doesn’t appeal to them, move on. Unless the circumstances are truly untenable, insist your child finish the season and fulfill their commitment to the team.  A series of participation trophies in multiple sports is certainly not the end goal.  Learning to be part of a team, attending practice when it’s not convenient, giving your all and finally, leaning how to win and lose graciously are far more important take-a ways from team sports participation than a shiny participation trophy.

Out fit your child with the necessary active wear and equipment for their chosen sport. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select from the huge variety of athletic shoes and value offered by Finishline.  Engage your child in the process. At the start of the season, emphasize the importance of consistently arriving on time for practices, listening to the coach and being respectful of team mate’s talents as well as shortcomings. Learning sportsmanship is just as critical as mastering techniques and strategies to win.  Your child will take cues from your behavior. Watch the coach carefully; he or she should place a huge emphasis on good sportsmanship. This can carry over to so many other aspects of life. Children who participate in sports are most often better at collaborating as adults. Best of luck to you and your budding athlete.

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