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I received the nicest note from Stacie now. She stated excellent reasons for me, that was SO sweet! But I’d like all homeschool parents to appear beyond her sweet words and find out her FEELINGS. She’s homeschooling merrily lengthy, doing a fantastic job. Still, her boy Seems like his education doesn’t compare well. Like a teacher, she gets like she might have unsuccessful him educationally. Sometimes our feelings be truthful, but may it normally won’t. Among the nice reasons for a transcript is the fact that it’s the reality regarding your homeschool, and not simply a sense. Read Stacie’s letter:

Dear Lee : You’ve saved me again. The instructions you provided (about calculating the GPA) were so clear to see. I had been going to just omit the GPA, however the scholarship documents clearly mentioned that GPA and ACT scores were the deciding factors and should be incorporated. Exactly like you stated, we must  speak the college’s love language.

I possibly could not have access to carried this out without your help and guidance in the last couple of years. It had been quite an event to construct this transcript. Whether we’re awarded the scholarships requested, what my boy and that i learned continues to be invaluable. He  have been thinking his education was quite missing you realize, worried he didn’t measure to the other kids. I used to be thinking I’d unsuccessful him educationally. As we been with them all  done, we sitting back and digested everything. Wow! We’ve been quite busy yesteryear couple of years learning a lot of stuff. He’s had a significant varied education. We observed precisely how busy he’s been with music. Even sports and physical eduction, the main one area I figured he was completely missing in, were left with a complete 4 credits earned. He were left with a GPA of three.81 and 27 earned credits with 8 left to complete to the finish from the school year.

Thanks, Lee, for the do. I had been introduced aimed at your website after fifteen years of homeschooling and wondered in case your services would be also something I possibly could use. I’m so glad I required that chance on both you and your products. Again and again I return to that which you have trained me. You’ve saved me time, headache, and worry. Following guidance has introduced me peace and improved our homeschool. The price of your product or service is really less space-consuming than what you’ve accomplished for me. I tell everybody in regards to you. Just today I referred another lady for you. Lee, you’re the very best.

From the friend, Stacie Every Homeschool teacher in each and every educational setting has stuff that fail. Projects left un-tied, books not finished, youngsters with attitude, moments of frustration. None of this continues the  Homeschool transcript.

It will happen everybody, in private and public school in addition to homeschool, however it doesn’t continue the permanent record. Only the good things continues the transcript. Classes which are finished. The finished grade continues the transcript, and not the icky-yucky sausage-making procedure for picking out the grade. As homeschoolers, we very often find yourself in trouble in the center of the academic process and end up forgetting our finish outcome is searching very good.

Your transcript informs the reality regarding your homeschool. It may relax. It can benefit you will get perspective. It may reassure teens. Here’s what all homeschool parents can glean out of this letter in the parent of the high  school senior.

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