Getting To Know Peter Loftin- The New Entrepreneur Cum Celebrity In Town

One can question why does one need to know about some entrepreneurs, especially when most of us are not interested much in things like business, dealing of properties, selling of those properties and what not. There are many celebrities cum entrepreneurs in this world, but not each one of them shares the similar story as Peter Loftin. Loftin is somebody who has made his fortune almost from the scratch and his property is still growing. It is always better to know about people who have built their fortune with their own hands. Here is some basic information about Peter Loftin.

Childhood and the background story of Peter Loftin

Initially known as the founder as well as the former chair-person of the board of BTI or the Business Telecom Inc., one of the well-known telecommunication establishments, Peter Loftin can be recognised as a self-made man. He started his business when he was at quite a young age. Since he had to struggle a lot, he is most likely to understand the situation of the other struggling entrepreneurs and hence more prone to help them. This is why it is very important as well worthy to know about his work and charity.

Some of the most well-reputable as well as famous establishments of Peter Loftin

If there is one thing Peter Loftin is known of other than his entrepreneur identity, is his knack or passion for charitable works. He has shared quite a large amount of his wealth through several volunteer services. As a great supporter of artworks and artists, he has made till date the greatest contribution to Raleigh, situated in the North Carolina, in the form of BTI Centre for the Performing Arts. This is the largest and one of a kind venue between the area of Washington D.C. and Tampa.

Apart from this, Loftin has also remained one of the key supporters of the North Carolina Museum of Science along with the Police Athletic League. One of the best among the lot is the establishment of the Casa Casuarina. It is situated in Miami, one of the busy, happening and exciting places in the world. Now one can raise the question that what so special about that is.

The best thing about this is that Loftin has donated this place for several events of more or less thirty organizations known for charity work. With the establishment of such a place, the locals managed to bag some paying work positions in the guest villa.

Apart from this, Peter Loftin also became an active member of the National Board of Governors from the American National Red Cross, right after the tragedy of the 9/11. Along with this, he is also known as one of the primary donors to the Special Operation Fund, providing for the children of the Tier 1 military soldiers. During his early youth, he established an initiative known as the ‘Coats for Kids’, to provide warm winter apparels to the children with needs.

Precisely this is why, everybody should know about the contributions made to the society by a person like Loftin.

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