Guide to Getting the Best Student Accommodation in Portsmouth

Getting the best student accommodation in Portsmouth or any other city in the UK can be a bit challenging if you are a new student or a returning student who has been living in the school halls of residence. There are several reasons why students would want to get their accommodation off campus. One of such reasons is the cost of getting the accommodation provided by the University management. Another reason is location of the accommodation. This has made many students to opt for third party accommodation providers in Portsmouth. There are several property managers in Portsmouth who have experience in providing students’ accommodation. When you opt for off campus accommodation, the best way to get the best value for your money is to consider the points explained below.

Location is important

In order for you to get the best student accommodation in Portsmouth, you need to realize that the location of the accommodation is important since it can affect the cost of getting the place. There are several options when it comes to getting student accommodation in Portsmouth. Keep in mind that the right kind of accommodation should be close to your lecture halls. It should not be located very far from campus, since you need to go to the university often. It is basically easy to find out if there are student apartments available close to your campus. You can achieve this by simply going through the website of the student accommodation provider in Portsmouth.

Portfolio/Gallery can help

Getting the best student accommodation in Portsmouth has everything to do with what the accommodation provider can show potential clients. The gallery or portfolio will give you an idea of what to expect from the accommodation provider. Take the time to consider the images in the gallery, they usually contain photos of what the student property agents can provide. Going through the gallery will go a long way in helping you take your final decision. If the accommodation provider does not have images to show you, you can simply request for their portfolio, just so you are sure of what you are getting into.

Keep in mind that some student accommodation providers can give you a free tour of available spaces in Portsmouth. Make sure you leverage on this by requesting for such tour. Remember that doing so will help you see for yourself the kind of accommodation that is available. There are situations whereby students might want to stay with their friends or course mates in the same house, when you checkout the accommodation for yourself, you get to ask if they can provide you with a full house or if they only give out single rooms.

Flexible pricing

The cost of getting the best student accommodation in Portsmouth cannot be ignored. Some property owners accept weekly payments while some accept monthly payments. It is however your responsibility to find out before taking your final decision on the right student accommodation for you.

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