Impact Of Micro Learning In Workplace

In corporate sector, the traditional way of learning is getting replaced by e-Learning to boost professionalism and quick learning. Long, complex manuals and workshops, also long training and courses are avoided by employees. This doesn’t mean that they don’t want to get trained, but rather they prefer to do short courses and learn through shorter learning methods. Therefore corporate should opt for a learning method which is cheaper as well as well as more viable.

Convert Manuals and Policies into Videos

To execute on boarding, off boarding or migration courses for employees most corporates write big, long manuals of plans, but rather they should pick up the most important parts of the plans and make interactive videos of them, nuggets of information to provide to the employees.

Small, short, interactive videos can be arranged chronologically and sent to the employees for their better understanding. This will prevent employees from spending hours of their important time in workshops and classes; rather they can view the content from their mobile set while taking rest or while travelling whenever they want to. And the videos should be engaging so that the learner feels interested in the information provided.

You might be concerned whether the learners understood the information that you wished to convey via the video. But there is a very easy to find it out, you can embed the nuggets with quick puzzles and the replies would be stored in the Learning Management System so you can test the extent of their knowledge.

A series of training module in the corporate e-learning library is mandatory

Employees need to get acquainted to many learning materials in a corporate training setup. In your courses you can name them using key terminologies so that they can be accessed easily. Modules should be created independent of each other and should be stored either subject wise or alphabetically. Do not make a microlearning module which runs more than 3 minutes. The shorter it is, the easier it would be for your employee to understand it.

Suppose you promoted an employee to an administrative level. Now briefing him in his new duties face-to-face is good for interpersonal relationship, but also a microlearning nugget would help them with the knowledge needed, which would boost his confidence level. So, your next step is to put microlearning to practice and reap the benefits that it offers.

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