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As a part of your undergraduate coursework you probably had to cope with homework assignments, and sometimes may have needed help to meet deadlines, particularly if you had forgotten do an assignment. You may have chosen to find and buy online help with some aspect of a writing project, especially if writing was not one of your strengths.

If you are now working toward an advanced degree, particularly a PhD, there is a high probability that you are going to need to create a dissertation at the culmination of your studies. Possibly writing is not your strongest skill, and you may lack confidence or feel uncomfortable, as you face this ultimate challenge.

Perhaps you are once again looking for help. Can you find it online at this advanced academic level? Unsurprisingly, the answer is ‘yes’.

But what is the best way to proceed? Remember, you are going to receive your advanced degree based on your independent work, of which the dissertation will be a reflection. You need to be very discerning in your choice of people to help you, and judicious about your decision to accept such help instead of proceeding entirely by yourself. You need to put your best foot forward; of course you will want competent writing help from a person whose native language is that in which your dissertation is to be published. However, you do not want to run risks or commit ethical violations. You certainly do not want to risk committing plagiarism and finding yourself in a very embarrassing situation. Your dissertation needs to be your original work!

What is a dissertation?

Dissertations are not simply essays that skilled writers could write without deep specialized knowledge. The term ‘dissertation’ is not just another word for a composition with an introduction, body and conclusion that has been assigned to you by an instructor!

A dissertation is distinguished from a simple essay in that it concerns a topic you have selected for yourself, your work. It is a product of and a reflection of the work you have been doing in your specialty.

It is a longer paper, of up to 100 pages or more, rather than the typical 1500-word assigned essay. A dissertation is a more serious composition, based on your research and demonstrating your scholarship as well as expertise in your subject matter. This work will show your skill at investigating the subject matter, meaning that your reading and research will have been much more extensive than for a typical essay. Ordinarily you will be exploring different points of view regarding your subject, as if in a debate; rather than principally developing a single point of view as a writer would be likely to do in an essay.

Your most probable need once you have arrived at this point is for someone who can edit your language usage to conform to the standards you will be expected to meet.

Sources of help

You undoubtedly have an academic supervisor, who has a stake in your success; that is, his or her reputation is tied to the successful results produced by students such as yourself. Some supervisors may seem aloof, and expect you to work independently until it is time for them to read a draft of your dissertation. Some will be more personally involved, discussing your research plans with you as well as your findings. Your supervisor is not expected to do your work nor to manage you; you will work independently. Nevertheless, it is obviously worthwhile find out exactly what he or she is willing to do for you, to build a rapport and to ask for guidance when you need it.

Additionally, make use of available online writing instructions for buy dissertations. You can do a search on ‘how to write a dissertation’ and find useful resources. Some helpful ones from uk as well.

Your university probably has a required format for your dissertation, and perhaps even a template where you are to do your writing. Should this be the case, be sure to follow the format and use the template. This also applies to citations of reference materials, which need to follow your university’s prescribed format. Enlist the assistance of a proofreader to help you discover careless errors, and to ensure that there is no awkwardness. Your proofreader can be a fellow student, but be sure to allow him or her adequate time for the task.

Your dissertation will quite probably need to be written in English. If English is not your native language, find a native English speaker to do language editing; that is, to read it and suggest changes wherever the language may need improvement. You may know a fellow student who is willing to provide this service, or you can hire a professional editor. This may require a couple of weeks or more. Be sure to allow sufficient time for the task! Oxford Journals provides a list of academic language editing services you may do your own online search for professional academic language editing services.

More extensive help – custom written dissertations

If you feel you need more extensive help, you may visit the websites of companies that offer to write dissertations. If you do an online search on the words ‘custom written dissertations’, you will find numerous organizations offering help. You already know in advance which services you really need, so visit each company website and compare your needs to their offerings.

Some Considerations

Before you hire a writing service, there are things you need to take into consideration.

First, don’t choose based on price alone. Where the price is cheap, you may not receive high quality service. You need to think “My degree depends on this; which company will do the best job for me?”

Here are some other things you need to know:

1) Can they really do the job? How long have they been offering this service? What are the academic qualifications of their writers? Find the answers on their website. Pay attention to testimonials, reviews and recommendations. Independent ratings are preferable. Also, if your acquaintances mention a writing service, discuss it with them. Find out what the provider did for them, and what they think of its quality and reliability. This should ensure that you do not fall victim to a scam, as reportedly there are some untrustworthy writing services online, who do not deliver what they promise. The time and effort expended in this phase of your research is well invested.

2) Delivery Speed – what turnaround time do they promise on your order? You want the work done soon enough that you still have time to make it your own before your deadline; be sure you have a chance to make needed alterations and improvements. Friends or fellow students may have valuable suggestions as well. Don’t allow yourself to think that just because you bought something, it is ready for submission!

4) Study the terms of service. What will they do if you are not satisfied with their product? Choose a company that includes revisions free-of-charge as a part of the package!

5) What are they really promising to do? You can expect to see some form of disclaimer on the website regarding your usage of the materials provided by your writing service. See a typical disclaimers; the testimonials page of https://domydissertations.com warns that the ‘reference papers’ they sell are to be used as assistance in your own work; and promises only that using your custom dissertation as a reference will save you valuable time. For the most part these writing services are not claiming to provide a product that is ready to be turned in as your own work, and they are not accepting liability for any problems that may result from your use of their product. It is still your responsibility to create your own dissertation.

4) Plagiarism checker. Some provide a free plagiarism checker with your product. You may want to run your own plagiarism check.

5) Look for a guarantee that they don’t re-sell the work after they have sold it to you. Once it’s yours, it’s yours alone. If you don’t find this spelled out on their web page, contact them and request it in writing.


When writing your dissertation, keep in mind that this is your best work and represents your highest academic achievement. In future you will look back with satisfaction on this accomplishment.

Help is available offline as well as online. Valuable assistance can come from your academic supervisor as well as fellow students and colleagues with native language skills. There are online resources that will tell you how to write a dissertation; there are resources for finding professional editors and language editing services, and there are online sources for custom written dissertations, for those who need more extensive help.

Should you choose to employ a writing service, please take into account the considerations listed above that can affect the quality of your work.

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