Rules for Bartenders

Are you a bartender? Or do you want to become one? Then you must know that there are certain rules that guide bartenders. There are pretty much-unwritten rules; they are more like the bartender code.

These rules are to be adhered to and by no means broken else if you break them, it undermines your reputation as a bartender. These general guidelines or rules have been laid out by some great bartenders on how to tend bar.

So, what are those things that make a good bartender? By following these rules, you make a good bartender and a bad one if you don’t. Examples of these rules are:

#1: It’s not your party, nor your booze, and neither is it your bar

This literally means that you should not hoard drinks or act bossy. Why? Your primary objective is to satisfy customers and not make them feel inferior.

You need to do everything within your ability to make your guests happy. Always remember that you’re just offering a service and would get paid at the end of the day so don’t act up to customers.

#2: Sleeping with customers is a great way to lose money

Having sexual affairs with regular customers of the bar is unethical and a way to lose money. As you engage in sexual relations with customers, you are more prone to offer free drinks to them by doing this, you lose money.

This could affect the finance of the bar and hence, leading to the questioning of your integrity by the management. By every chance, no matter how attractive or complimentary customers are, avoid sleeping with them.

#3: Learn how to make cocktails, practice the details

You must be proficient at making and mixing drinks. This is one of the primary objectives of bartending. How can you be a good bartender if you don’t even know how to mix or serve customer’s drinks?

Learn the details on mixology and practice frequently to attain mastery at it.

#4: Hygiene

As you work and tend to customer, other customers are watching you and are examining your practice of hygiene. No customer wants to get a drink from a dirty bartender, not at all.

So, sneezing, coughing, touching your face or hair while mixing and serving drinks are all poor hygiene practices. If you have a cold, it’s better to skip the day than pursue customers with your ailment. Always wash your hands after doing something messy and be sure to be seen by customers.

Of course, there are certain do’s and don’ts of bartending, and the more you know, the better you will be in the act. Many of the rules are being taught in Bartending schools to make sure all student excel well in them. A good example is the École du Bar de Montréal.

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