Study Some Great Courses in Thailand and Spain

Thailand is famous for tourism and practically every year 16 million tourists visit this country. The visitors explore the natural surroundings and the culture of this country. It has a coastline of 3219 kilometers and consists of smaller islands. It is a Buddhist country and has many monasteries and historical buildings. Thailand has some excellent universities where many foreign students come to study.

Chulalongkorn University is one of the greatest universities of Thailand. This university was founded by the King Vajiravudh in the year 1917. It is located in Bangkok and produces many events all through the year. The school has given honorary degrees to Nelson Mandela and to Bill Clinton. The university has undergraduate courses, engineering courses, chemistry, biological courses, pharmacy and medicine courses. If students want to buy some affordable medical supplies in Thailand, then  iherb thailand is the website one must visit and make the most of the offers there.

The Mahidol University is located in Bangkok and was established in 1888. It is Thailand’s first medical school. This university has a research center and deals particularly on health sciences. It ranks amongst the world’s top 150 universities for medicine. It receives the highest fund from the Government.

Chiang Mai University was founded in 1965 and is located in the Northern Thailand. It is the first higher education institution in the Northern Thailand. This university has a position in the global top 150 for forestry and for agriculture.

Spain and the Higher Education System

Spain has over 70 universities, 50 are government universities and the remaining are private universities. Most of the universities are located in Valencia, Madrid and in Barcelona. You can earn a post graduation degree from any of these universities. The universities have lots of foreign students earning their post graduation degree. They have excellent education system.

Students coming to study post graduation in these universities will be provided with excellent opportunity to nurture their learning. They also have the opportunity to see various other courses which is provided by the universities. You can do doctorate in Humanities and Arts, Health Science, Law, Sciences, Social Sciences, Architecture, Engineering and in many other fields. The Spanish Universities offer various courses and Master’s degrees in their post graduation programs. Many of these universities host foreign students. There is no age limit in doing a post graduate degree from these universities. Also if students want to get hold of some affordable medical supplies then visit codigo descuento iherb. This is one of the best sites which provide you with some best cost effective supplies in Spain. This turns out being an amazing deal for students studying in Spain.

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