Things Not To Do Before An Exam

With exams being a really crucial part of any person’s life, giving their best for every exam is imperative. In that venture, many people usually push themselves over the limit and do more harm towards their exam preparation than good. That is why here, I have listed some of the many mistakes that tend to happen while preparing for an exam and the ways to avoid them are also mentioned. Let us have a look at them:

  • Pulling an All-nighter: When you feel like you haven’t rehearsed enough of a topic, say the biochemistry, you will automatically push your bedtime further and further away on the eve of an exam. But the body needs as much rest as it is mostly overclocking at this point. Staying up all night will do more harm than good. Experts have stated how staying up too late will send your brain beyond a point where it no longer will be able to absorb information
  • Stuffing: Stuffing in too much data in too little time retards the brain’s ability to process and store information. Give the brain time to relax and process the information as well.
  • Skipping meals: Just as a car needs fuel, our brain and body also requires fuel in the form of food. Experts have proven that having a healthy meal helps to improve mental clarity, problem-solving skills, alertness, and productivity.


  • Too much caffeine: Caffeine is a major part of every student looking to appear for an exam. Studies have shown that having too much caffeine, be it through energy drinks or coffee, large doses of caffeine and sugar will increase your adrenaline levels, making you more stressed and less focused.

Thus, here we have discussed some of the many ways by which you can improve the way in which you prepare for your exams. For more tips and content to learn topics like VSEPR Theory and more, check out our YouTube channel –

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