Peter Loftin- A Name Worthy To Remembered By The Business Entrepreneurs

The title of this article might surprise the readers at first. There are so many new business endeavours along with the business entrepreneurs. Therefore, why would one should remember one single person out of hundreds? The reasons can be of two kinds: one that his or her products are brilliant and two, the person itself is great.

Peter Loftin has managed to successfully combine these two reasons through his work and personality. He is well-known to the world as one of the most reputed telecom entrepreneurs who began his journey with BTI or the Business Telecom Inc. Following is something about him which everybody should know.

Loftin and the beginning of his journey

Peter Loftin began his journey when he was only twenty-five years old. From a small and humble endeavour, he transformed his company into a multimillion dollar one and gradually merged it with the Deltacom. In North Carolina, he started to sell portable telephones and already managed to understand the enormous possibilities of the business to business telecom industry. What he started at twenty five gradually grew into one of the greatest business endeavours of the contemporary time period.

Loftin established Business Telecom Inc. or BTI in Raleigh in North Carolina, during the year of 1983 and in the year of 1999, one of the greatest independent research group of people called the ‘New Paradigm Resources’ ranked it seventh among the other companies. Peter also served as the Chairman of the Board of this company along with some of the famous business personals.  

Currently, he left BTI and began to shift his focus on the world of arts and the related endeavours. This began when BTI planned to donate $3.1 million to the Performing Arts Centre in Raleigh in the year 1997. The special thing about this is that Loftin was the only person to take interest in the arts centre at that point of time.

Recognition for his efforts and the latest project of Casa Casuarina

By the time Peter Loftin got to donate a handsome amount of money to the Performing Arts Centre in Raleigh, he managed to establish himself as a famous and well-known businessman. The North Carolina Magazine on business and business related affairs presented him with the title, ‘North Carolina Entrepreneur of the Year’.

Apart from this, the North Carolina Electronics and Information Technologies Association or NCEITA provided him, along with the BTI, the ‘Corporate Citizen of the Year Award’. This was to recognize his successful attempt at offering free internet service to the rural and needy schools throughout the entire North Carolina. The contemporary Governor of North Carolina, James B. Hunt also recognized and praised him for his fruitful efforts as well as several contributions.

During the year 2000, Peter Loftin bought an enormous designed villa named the Casa Casuarina in Miami. The main aim, even though, seems to be providing entertainment to its celebrity guests, the attempt to provide work to several unemployed people, cannot be overlooked. Know this amazing person and you might follow his footsteps when you try your hands at the business.


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